Perú is a country where you could find a rich biodiversity thanks to having coast, mountains and rainforest. For one semester students, we visit two of the three geographical areas in Peru: the coast and the Andes. Academic students get the chance to visit the Amazon rainforest as part of the program.

A student who stays for one semester is part of three main excursions:

Founded in 3000 B.C it is the oldest civilization in America and third in the world. This sacred and peaceful city is thought to be a place of worship and commerce, where no weapons have been found (only musical instruments).

Students visit this Afro Peruvian town in Ica, a province of Peru, to learn about the Afro Peruvian community, meet their most emblematic families and visit the Chincha culture ruins. How to play cajon, dance festejo and do zapateo are among the things students learn in this three-day trip.

Capital of the Incan Empire, Cusco is one of the most ranked places in tourism. In our five-day trip we would visit some archeological sites and ruins, a llama farm, visit a sustainable farming project in different indigenous communities as well as a shelter for girls and go to Macchu Picchu, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

For academic year students: An adventure in the middle of the Amazon rainforest where students visit a tribe and a local shaman, fish pirañas, walk through primary jungle; play with animals at a rescue center and more!